Hello english speakers.

 As it is a very special time at the moment, we are not able to meet for live voicedance.

                    Thats why we will have some ONLINE meetings on the App "ZOOM"                                                       on Monday, June 1st, at 7pm till 21pm.

If you are interested, please send me an SMS to 079 345 77 22.  

I will then send you the entrynumber with the password.

You may then invite your family and your friends if they want to experience something very special and unusual with there own voice...

       Unfortunatly I had to give up my super praxis on the Rennweg. So I can't offer an        open room at the moment and will improvise  with different places.                                                 It will be anounced on the frontpage.

imagine, your voice is taking off and you are here, just enjoying what you hear,                                what you feel, how you can let go, no need to control, no wish to improve,                            just recognising how it feels wonderful...

 give yourself the chance     to enjoy your Self                                                       through enjoying   the sound of your voice  in this        free, open, inspiring and playful                                               VOICE-SING-IMPRO-EXPERIMENTAL-SOUND-DANCE-Evenings  

             Allow your heart to lead your voice, let go of  all imaginings of what ¨should be¨   

                                       A very warm welcome to our "VOICE DANCING" group.   

  I want to present a platform to anyone who is excited about using their voice in                 new and free ways  and enjoy, relax and free their whole being - and just as well for anyone who does  know yet clearly how to use their voice creatively             

  In the beginning and in between of the evening we will use technics to open the voice                       in very relaxed and funny ways

    Our meetings brought up the wish to have such a happening every day,                                          wich is of course not possible yet.  

 It is great to see how easily people connect to each other through their sounding voices                                                     and have a great time together.                                      

                     It would be wonderful if you decided to join as well.                                                        The dates are on mondays ( details and dates at the Startside)

   Each time we will explore some special theme relating to voice, to voicing, singing...                                         

         As usual, you may, but don't have to register before attending                                                                                                               - and you may bring (a) friend(s) -                                                                                                                                               the first time is for free   (drinks included),                                                                                               later you may fill the moneybowl from your judging or good will.

In the meantime feel free to contact me for any question or suggestion. 

   Have a great time and lots of good sounds,          with kind regards,                                                  Matt   ( Matthias    >Mansur< )                     

    PS: My mother tongue is Swiss-German, and I also speak English and French.                                         Therefore communication is possible in either of these languages.                   

        as you enjoy yourself,  you help to create a bigger joy in your world                                                                                                

 thankyou for filling out the form on the 'Kontakt'-page,

         or else you may go to >MeetUp.com<  and sign up under                                                                           'Zürich' and 'Voice-Experimental-Impro-MeetUp'.                                                         This way you will get each time all the news, updates and infos in english.  

          if there is anything that you didn't understand and have to know  before deciding                                                      to take part in this group, please write a message to me in “Kontakt“,                                              or call me  - or just come anyway.                                                                                                                          I promise that you will be glad you did.